Friday, November 9, 2012

Pot Pie & Patterns

   Earlier this week I purchased a roast chicken from Costco. Those always feed as for a couple of meals then I take whatever meat remains and make a chicken pot pie. The husbeast loves them. Pure comfort food and perfect for a chilly autumn afternoon.

   Of course I am very non-PC in my cooking. Lots of lard and butter. Yum! I disagree with current medical opinion and believe that "real", natural ingredients (lard, butter, eggs, milk) are better for me than margarine, hydrogenated shortening, canola oil, etc...In an attempt to make the pie healthier I did not use a bottom crust. I did make "pie snacks" from the leftover dough, sprinkling them with sugar and cinnamon and baking them. Probably not the healthiest meal, but I hate waste.

  Still not sewing since my return from Vegas, but I'm thinking about it. I bought two OOP sewing patterns from a lady I met on a sewing forum.

Love the tied collar and 3/4 sleeves.

Perfect for the Indian Restaurant.
More 3/4 sleeves.

   I also received the cams for my model 51 that I'd ordered from eBay. These are some funny looking cams. I love the vintage box they cam in.

I think I'll play with my serger this evening. I really need to sew something.


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Just love that first pattern, the collars and necklines are gorgeous! I might see if I can find it over here.

crazihippichic said...

I love it, too. It looks to be a bit slim fitting to be pulled over my head, though. Might be a candidate for a side zipper.